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Chronicles Of Me: I Just Want Water!

Setting, Camping Out: I found a bean can, about a quart size that we had had for our dinner rinsed it out, and filled it with water on the campfire we had cooked dinner on. I watched it until it boiled for about 15 minutes on the fire and then moved it to my canteen. I restarted the whole process and did the same 3 times until both my canteens were full along with the bean can. I kept myself awake a few hours until the first batch was cool enough to drink, refilled, and finally went to sleep! The others were content to drink colas and sodas, but I had to have water! This happened several times in my life. When we came back from the fields sometimes Dad would stop at the station and ask if we wanted a cold drink. All I wanted was water. Dad said, just get a coke, someday soon they will figure out how to charge us for water!