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Winter: A Year In Verse

  December (Our Christmasness) A tiny gift  In a tiny land  Two tiny hands Opening into infinity! (January and February are not yet complete.) January The dying of the year makes way for the birth of new opportunity February The month of my birth.

Summer: A Year In Verse

  June Bugs (June Evenings) June bugs,  Creepily crawling. Lazily stalling On my front porch Before rising suddenly A buzzing array of erratic motion Flying off toward summer! July Daze July days,  Simmering heat  A shimmering haze Dust clouds Stifling breezes Blowing slowly into  August nights. August (A Residual Wind) It is August and I am wishing it was winter That old, wintery tingle overcame me  For a moment  Blowing through my ears Into my brain. Some minor emotion of Christmasness Snuck into the evening breeze Dropping off some early gifts and memories. Hey, I think I saw a snowflake!

Spring: A Year In Verse

  March Winds (Night Wind) March winds Blowing away the doleful debris of winter Sweeping away the dreary clouds, Blocking the needlepoint lights Sweeping away the dusty veil, Till we see clearly the one star Risen in light no sepulcher can contain! April Showers (Color Storm) April showers,  Rinsing away the reluctant remains of winter Cleansing mother earth  That she may give birth To the multifarious foliage  Of the Master Gardener!  May Flowers May flowers Splotching the green clad canvas meadows Brushing the coarse soft backdrop With perfect pastel accents Painting a smile on earth With the merry palette Of the Master Painter!

Autumn: A Year In Verse

  September (Leaf Like) Born of the Earth Borne on the wind Our leafy existence Floating, swirling, winter bound Downward, downward, ever down To the earth from which they were drawn As our spirits rise to meet their Breather! October (Windborne Colors) Windborne colors Gently floating down To kiss the hard October ground Endless circlings of life and death The light warm caress Eternal rest! November (Our Appleness) The dual edged knife of difficulty Carves through our tender skins Leaving us naked Before God and ourselves  As we are chewed to the core!