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Strangely Spiritual Verse

 Strangely Spiritual Verse

Fig Leaves

Our fig leaf clothing

Hiding our sin

With our own shabby tailoring

Chlorophyll offerings

Where sin demands blood.


A thousand blood-stained altars

A thousand cruel wars

(As unlikely as it seems)

All tell the Bards great story

To the ever squeamish us:

Our only hope is blood!

Shadows In Spring

The unfolding of the leaf sings the song

Which squelched, wells up within each narrow chest

Of birth and death and birth again to come

(The song the Singer sang from eons past)

The swelling bud casts shadows year by year

The vast unfolding of eternal life.

The Dew (The Day)

The dew

Drops of cool clear

Crimeless blood on scalpels

Of green, the bright shout of the sun:

"Born fresh!"

The Conquering King

The fear of the unknown,

The dread of fear itself,

The brutality of war

The nameless, battered wife,

Thorns,thistles, sweat and death;

The signs of mans domain

We too groan and wait 

For the conquering King.

Paradox Door

Who could guess that our lean souls thus entered,

Through the narrow gate, one cross wide,

Should cross the threshold to the other side

(The emancipation of the soul)

To find the enemy is now the door?

Sweet paradox, life evermore!

Some Ethereal State

Some ethereal state, 

Where the world no longer matters,

(Where we don't have to bother with the dishes)

A Sunday morning sedative

To take us far enough from the real, 


Not far enough or long enough to last.

So weekly we live in the past,

Then once a week gulp down some god with a glass of wine.

Spiritual Fix

Quick, give me a spiritual fix,

Wrapped in bright colors and muted sounds

Or cardboard covers,

Answers to life in twenty thousand words or less!

Sunday Morning Sedative

A Sunday morning sedative,

A needle 

With three points

(And a poem)

Administered to the comatose

For spiritual relaxation,

A buffer against an unnerving world.


The cure is of a very short duration,

For a one-half hour inoculation

Best Seller Spirituality

Slick and salable

Soggy and sentimental

Produced and reduced

To economical size.

An exciting, inviting emotional trip

Spiritually interpreted

Mechanically regurgitated

For each new reader's sparkling eyes!

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