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Chronicles Of Me: My Poorly Scheduled Heart Attack

Chronicles Of Me

My Poorly Scheduled Heart Attack

Okay, let me start by saying that I scheduled my heart attack at a very bad time...not that there is ever really a good time for one, but I do think that everyone should have one! (Not really but more about that later).

I'm sort of starting out in the middle of the story here and will gradually explain it all in due time.

Now, as for the heart attack itself, well, it went much better than I expected! The time from ambulance arrival at my place to recovery room was in my estimate, about 30 minutes! Once the stint was in place it was like all my high school distance running conditioning was reinstalled! It was amazing! Hence my reason for saying everyone should have one.

Now, the process I am using to tell my story, as I said earlier, is sort of starting in the middle but it will all come together.

Prior to the heart attack I had a case of Bell's Palsy which aggravated my pre-existing cataract problems which had slowly been stealing my vision. This may, or may not have been the result of my two Covid 19 vaccinations but that is another story for another day.

Since blindness was overtaking me cataract surgery was scheduled, but unfortunately, I mistakenly scheduled my heart attack during the same season. The result was a three-month delay in my eye surgery during the first week or so I achieved almost complete blindness.

So, it has been a kind of rough couple of years in some ways:

A dreadful plague was over our country.

Followed by Covid 19,

followed by related sickness,  

followed by facial paralysis, 

followed by blindness,

with a heart attack thrown in just for fun!

I'm not complaining, in fact I am grateful. All the problems were temporary and I knew this while they were upon me. I will explain more about all these things in coming episodes, and who knows, they might just be helpful to someone going through the same things.

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